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The “Sukan foundation” was founded in the loving memory of Late Shri Sukanrajji Kothari on the path of social welfare. Shri Sukanrajji Kothari was a very active member in the Oswal community matrimony. He brought together, many Families under the auspicious bandhan of Vivah. Throughout his involvement in oswal samaj matrimony, he always had feeling that the matrimonial process of our community was a very tedious process and the main reason for this was the improper availability of data. He wanted to form a very systematic database of the eligible candidates so that the major troubles of the matrimony could be resolved. But before he could fulfill his dream, unfortunately ,Shri Sukanrajji left all of us.

His ideologies still remain with us and today its because of his encouragement that we are please to launch this Matrimonial Website “www.oswaljeevansaathi.com”  exclusively for our Oswal Community.

 All of us, at some point of time have been involved in the oswal matrimony of our sons, daughters, relatives etc. It is very surprising that although the oswal community is so big, it is really difficult to find a proper match in the community as it is very widespread. Our Oswal community  is one of the very well recognised and wealthy communities. Yet, there have been so many difficulties in sourcing  suitable families and candidates. A few very important aspects which need to be dealt with , are mentioned below:

 Traditional mindset:

 We have been following the traditional mindset that only the parents of the girl have to find a boy whereas the parents of the boys need not do anything to find a match. If ever the boy’s parents make any effort in finding a match, it is concluded that there is some problem with the boy or his family.

 We have to come out of this mindset and understand that is extremely essential for boys as well as girls to find the best possible match for themselves for which efforts have to be made from both the sides.

 Traditional style of match-making:

Gone are those days when parents of the candidates used to decide the proper match for them. Involving the girl and the boy at a very later stage of the process is major reason for delay of the process and wasteful steps. Time has arrived when the candidates and their parents have to come on one common front of understanding each others needs. The only solution to this is a platform of exposure where one can express all his needs and also find the person who can satisfy them. www.oswaljeevansaathi.com  shall provide the required platform, provided we break the shackles of traditional mindset and express our needs.

 Time constraints of the professional class:

The executive and professional class of our community like doctors,CAs ,engineers etc are not able to spare sufficient time for their candidate’s matrimony.To add to this, the process of matrimony in our oswal samaj is very time consuming and overextended. As a result of this, the marriages are getting delayed. The frustration caused by this prolonged process is causing lots of girls as well boys to marry out of community. This is a serious threat to our oswal culture. If the girls and boys get their requirements fulfilled within the community without going through the tedious process of matrimony, they will not have to seek their partners outside community.

 Prejudice about data banks:

There have been various data banks which are run by respectable personalities of the Oswal samaj. But it seems that people are hesitant in giving their candidate’s details to such data banks thinking that only candidates whose marriages have been delayed due to some reasons, submit their data to them.

A data bank can be an immense source of valuable data giving a wider choice and could be supplimentary to the data provided by friends and relatives.

 These situations are ringing alarm bells that some bold steps have to be taken to ease the process of finding the right oswal jeevansaathi

 www.oswaljeevansaathi.com is an appeal to all the oswal marriageable youth to come forward and express their expectations of their jeevansaathi.  If the youth does not come forward now, they might have to compromise on the most important decision of their lives. So send us your complete details by filling up the form available on the website or by post. Kindly send  a latest  photograph also because without presentable photographs, the process of matching will become really difficult. Hence no biodata will be registered without a photograph.

 The website will be active by end November 06 but the data collection will commence from Oct 1,2006. All the Bio-data received at our end by or before 31st of December 06 will be given three months of free membership ending 31st of March 07. The bio-data received  after 31st of December 06 will registered only after payment of the subscription fees. The detailed schedule will be furnished shortly. It is to be noted that “Sukan Foundation” is a Social Welfare Organization and this service is being provided without the motive of making profits

             Unless and until we receive your whole-hearted support this activity cannot become fruitful. Hence we once again request you to take a bold initiative and forward bio-data of your marriageable sons, daughters, relatives etc immediately. Please also inform your friends and relatives about www.oswaljeevansaathi.com.

             We also welcome your valuable creative ideas and suggestion to make this activity helpful to the Oswal Community.

Thanks and best regards.
Paras. R. Kothari

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